The History of the Jeep Wrangler

September 11th, 2018 by

2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

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There have been plenty of changes to the Jeep Wrangler over time, but all done with the same goal in mind; a high-tech, strong built, off-roading vehicle. Through time, the changes made to the Wrangler have only added to the many great features it’s had built in its frame. See how the Wrangler started and how it has progressed through the years.

Winning Over the Military

The Wrangler started with the military in 1987. The name, and model, made its debut as the Jeep CJ replacement. It originally started as the MB but soon became known as a “jeep.” After its success in WWII, it was developed into a civilian model to be sold to anyone. These models were reliable, easy to repair, and tough to wear down.

Kaiser Motors

In 1953, Kaiser Motors about Willy-Overland and introduced the CJ and CJ-5. After around 30 years, Kaiser officially changed the model names to Jeep. Once the Jeep name was official, the larger CJ-7 model was released, improving on the brand’s reliability in off-road vehicles. After 11 years in production, the CJ was replaced by the Wrangler YJ.

The Wrangler’s Progression

The first Wrangler was designed with top on-road performance as a priority. Its reputation for being a strong off-roading vehicle remained, but now it was time to prove that it could be just as strong on the road. By 1991, the 4.0L four-cylinder I-6 with fuel injection replaced the older engine in the new Wrangler TJ, giving the Wrangler a stronger feel. As the model progressed into the Wrangler JK, while the off-roading abilities and strong build were a top priority, the focus was on creating a more pleasant interior experience with upgraded tech and convenience features to make the ride more interesting, entertaining, and comfortable.

The Wrangler Today

The newest generation is the Wrangler JL. The main focus of this generation is the efficiency while improving off-roading capabilities and updating the technology of the cabin. There are also more options to choose from be it the engine type or the type of infotainment screen you want. The Wrangler is modernized while maintaining the reliability of the name it’s carried through history.

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